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  • What is transfer paper?
    Transfer paper can be printed by inkjet or laser printers. After printing the letters、pictures on the transfer paper, warm up the heat press equipments(iron、heat press machine...etc.) to the required temperatures(150 °C for dark fabric, 190 °C for light fabric). Then press the letters、pictures to T-shirts、pillows or bags by the heat press equipments.
  • How many kinds of transfer papers are there?
    There are five most popular transfer papers: Light fabric inkjet transfer paper(7260C), Dark fabric inkjet transfer paper(7265G), Light fabric laser transfer paper(733P), Dark fabric laser transfer paper(7335D), Light fabric sublimation transfer paper(7360N).
  • How can we define the high quality transfer papers?
    The picture print on high quality transfer paper will be clear、colorful and won't spread out. Before transferring, the dark transfer paper need to be peeled from the base paper easily(can use the penknife). The light transfer paper have to be peeled from the fabric easily after transferring and keep the perfect of the image. It's also relate to the temperature、time and cooling time when transferring. The last point of high quality transfer paper is washable, and it's also relate to the quality of inks.
  • What is the best setting of transfer paper's printing?

    One more mirror image setting for light transfer paper,